STRENGTHS: Location in an iconic West Texas town that is less than an hour away from Big Bend National Park, Marfa is for the people that want the West Texas desert experience without camping. The town is centered around art which lends itself to the creative voice of the hotel.
WEAKNESSES: Weak branding, lack of social media presence which is a strong suit of competitors. No strong brand voice or identity that is easily found besides the logo.
OPPORTUNITIES: Stronger more recognizable brand voice and identity that is unique yet representative of Marfa. Social media presence can be improved upon.
THREATS: Other boutique hotels are becoming more and more noteworthy due to their growing social media following and strong branding.
STRENGTHS: Strong social media presence and brand voice, known for their bright and colorful imagery, their merchandise, and their events.
WEAKNESSES: Imagery often feels played out or not related to Marfa, designs can feel rushed or as if they are eager to push out as many as possible.
OPPORTUNITIES: Focus more on having a uniform art style and make designs feel more purposeful and specific to the land.
THREATS: Multiple boutique hotels in Marfa that are competing to be the hotel of Marfa, on top of many up and coming AirBnB's.
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