OBJECTIVE: To create a proposed rebrand for Thunderbird Marfa that captures the unique energy of Marfa, a small West Texas town that is characterized by its artistic essence and connection to the nature that surrounds it.
APPROACH: I aimed to capture the artistic and warm yet simplistic energy of Marfa, by taking inspiration from the historic buildings, murals, and oddities, combined with the scenery and diversity of the landscape of West Texas. With a color palette drawn from the mountains of Big Bend, and imagery inspired by the West, this system is made to be easily understood, recognizable, and unique while also feeling like it fits at home in Marfa.
BIO: Freshly out of college and living in Austin, Johnny is looking for an escape from the city life. He wants to enjoy Big Bend National Park and the artistic energy of Marfa but isn't looking to go camping.
GOALS: To find an escape from his busy city life in Austin, and to get the chance to experience more of the nature and scenery that Texas has to offer.
MOTIVATIONS:  As a weekend explorer he has made it a point to try to travel as much as he can, Austin can be too hectic and he wants to experience other parts of the state for a change of pace.
FRUSTRATIONS: Dislikes your traditional hotels that feel generic and  boring, but doesn't want to go camping. He feels that it can be difficult to find a balance between the unique western experience and the cookie cutter hotel experience.
WHAT I LEARNED: This project was my first solo exploration into a branding system, it is a true passion project and was a real opportunity for me showcase my illustration and branding skills.  I took this as another opportunity to learn and explore usage of illustration within a branding system, with a goal of capturing the spirit of the west and portraying through the luxury artistic lens of Marfa.  A project like this has been something I have wanted to dive into since my trip out to big bend last year, and I was inspired by the colors of the mountains around me and knew I had to make a project around it.
WITH MORE TIME:  I would like to dive deeper into the merchandising side of this, building this into a brand that is recognizable and known for aspects other than just the hotel.
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