Who are you?We are a local skate shop aimed towards providing our community with the best selection of goods, while doing what we can to give back and build a stronger skateboard community for our city
What do you do? We sell hard goods and soft goods from a wide variety of skateboard companies, We also host events for our community and have recycling programs to try to be environmentally conscious.
What is your vision? To provide our customers with the best products so they can have the best experience possible, while using their support to grow and serve the skate community in our city.
What wave are you riding? The skateboard wave.
Who shares the brandscape? Online skate shops and middle-of-the-mall skate shops.
What makes you the only? Orchard skateshop is the only Boston based skateshop that provides for its community through events and  and cuts down on textile waste through their shoe recycling program.
What should you add or subtract? Push harder to advertise and build out recycling programs.
Who loves you? The skateboarders of our city.
Who’s the enemy? Mall skate shops that are staffed by people who might not be as knowledgeable, or provide the same high quality materials.
What do they call you? THE Boston skate shop.
How do you explain yourself? We are a local Boston skateshop that has been serving our community the highest quality skate goods and services for over 15 years.
How do you spread the word? Through advertisements of our different programs as well as by hosting events regularly.
How do people engage with you? By coming in and shopping, attending our events, or helping to contribute to our recycling programs.
What do they experience? They experience a team of experienced skaters that want to help provide them with the best service possible.
How do you earn their loyalty? By continuing to show our support and love for our community by hosting events, giving back, and keeping up with the skate spots
How do you extend your success? By dedicating ourselves to building our community as we build our shop, and making sure that dedication is seen.
How do you protect your portfolio? By carrying a wide variety of products, expanding our recycling programs, and staying true to our brand voice.
STRENGTHS: Lots of locations across the country means brand name is well known, locations are typically in malls so they are accessible while shopping.
WEAKNESSES:  Has the reputations that this is the shop for beginners and "posers" or people who act like they skate but don't.
OPPORTUNITIES:  Focus on promoting brands that have more of a voice in the real skateboard industry to gain back people that are turned away.
THREATS:  Bad reputation is the biggest threat, skateboarders value their standards and beliefs, and those do not align with Zumiez.
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