OBJECTIVE:  To expand and enhance a personal exploration into themes of identity, faith, and emotion through western iconography in the form of a zine printed on a Risograph printer.
APPROACH: Trail Songs is an embodiment and exploration of my personal growth as an artist and person.  Fine art has always been a vessel of self expression for me, drawing inspiration from country artists such as Willie Nelson and Marty Robbins, as well as found imagery and stills from western scenes and movies.  As I evolve as a person my art and design evolves with me, and this zine is a representation of the stage of evolution that my art, design, and I are at currently.  This zine was printed on a Risograph printer to bring in the tactility and imperfections that are so integral to fine art.
WHAT I LEARNED:  I used this as an opportunity to showcase my ability to translate my own fine art skills into editorial design, which was a great learning experience.  This project also served as a lesson in not being afraid to be personal with your design work. This was a barrier that I have learned to hurdle through fine art, but being able to express yourself freely through editorial design was a learning curve for me.
WITH MORE TIME:  I would love to continue this series and continue the use of the Risograph printer. This series primarily showcased digital artwork, and in the future I would love to explore using CMYK separation on my paintings and printing them through the Risograph.
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