OBJECTIVE: To create designs that capture the magic of Texas, and fit seamlessly into the already established brand voice and product range.  Designs are created with the intention of being used on clothing, but the ability to be versatile in their usage.
APPROACH: Through a developed understanding of the brand voice as well as the culture of the Texas Hill Country I was able to develop work that captured the unique qualities that make Texas what it is.  These designs capture the magic of Texas by celebrating and taking pride in its deep history and culture while also embracing the oddities and magic that make the Hill Country unique.
OBJECTIVE: To create a line of merchandise for a collaboration with Still Austin Whiskey that embraces the "Art of Texas Whiskey", the brand voice for Still Austin. The designs need to feel coherent with THC's brand voice and fit within their current product offering.
APPROACH: Through referencing vintage inspired imagery I was able to capture a put emphasis on the artistic side of Texas. Reference to vintage tourism helps to reference the experience of your time at their tasting room, and serves as a take away for visitors.
OBJECTIVE: With Still Austin Whiskey becoming the official whiskey sponsor of the University of Texas, they took on the task of hosting Longhorn City Limits, a music festival before UT Football games. Design needed to capture the culture of Austin, UT, Still Austin, and of course music.
APPROACH: By referencing the iconic Longhorn of UT, and symbolisms found through centuries of Texan art, the design is meant to have character and embrace the unique weirdness of Austin.
Yet to see the light of day, these designs all embody what it feels like to experience the magic of Texas, whether that be through nature, history, music, food, or just good times.
WHAT I LEARNED:  Working on the team at Texas Hill Country Provisions was great experience, it allowed me to learn many sides of the production process beyond just design itself.  From tech packs, to look books, to fabric sampling, to warehouse work, I got the chance to see and work hands on in every step of the creative process for a clothing company. Collaborations were another great experience, as I was no longer just designing for THC, I was designing for another company and capturing their brand voice through THC's brand voice to create a system that felt cohesive within the line up of both companies.
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